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Young generation and dating sites

We met on the Internet. These words used to be almost forbidden, but now they have become commonplace, as more and more lonely people try dating on the Internet, and the prejudice of old times to this way of dating today goes into oblivion. Previously, the opinion about Internet dating was composed of several components. In the 1990s, the pioneers of Internet dating were unattractive and weird. Another reason is that you have to pay money to access paid dating sites. Therefore, some people tend to consider this method of dating the last resort for a desperate person.

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Unusual London Hot Tub Cinema: a projector and a warm bathtub on the roof of a high-rise building

The legendary English film director Alfred Hitchcock spoke of the film industry like this: “Cinema consists of a screen and many seats that need to be filled.” It seems that it would never have occurred to the great maestro that these same chairs in the cinema might not exist, but the number of visitors will not decrease. The novelty of this season is Hot Tub Cinema, an unusual cinema in London, where viewers are offered to watch a movie while lying in a warm bath on the roof of one of the buildings in the prestigious East End area.

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An eight-bit street in modern London. Street art project “8 Bit Lane” by Fold7 agency

One of the most unexpected, most unconventional art projects has recently unfolded on the streets of the British capital. More precisely, on one of the streets, which the creative team of the Fold7 agency turned from ordinary Brick Lane into … an 8-bit 8-bit lane. With this project, they once again proved that advertising has long been not so much a “trade engine” as an impressive performance worthy of attention.

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Station, ceiling, clouds. Unusual installation in London

In the famous song “Leap Year” there are words that there is nothing more beautiful than “sitting on a cloud and hanging legs down, call each other by name.” It seems that the installation of Clouds and Meteors, not so long ago installed at the St. Pancras railway station in London, is a real flight of imagination to sky-high distances, heavenly gatherings and talk about nothing.

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Do not believe your eyes! Mirror Illusions by Leandro Erlich

Argentine artist Leandro Erlich encourages people not to believe their eyes. As a demonstration of this principle, he creates optical illusions, which shows completely unthinkable things. One such work, Dalston House, was recently presented in London.

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The original window in the Church of St. Martin, “what is in the fields” (London)

St Martin-in-the-Fields is one of London’s most famous churches. It is located in the very center of the city, on the corner of Trafalgar Square, among its parishioners you can often see the royal family. Despite external orthodoxy, there is one “highlight” in it that is amazing. This is the “East Window” by Iranian-born designer Shirazeh Houshiary. It resembles a cross reflected on the surface of the water.

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Levitating building in central London: an outstanding optical illusion of our time

British artist Alex Chinneck erected a building in central London, as if suspended in mid-air. When looking at him, the audience is speechless – it is almost impossible to understand how this design is arranged. Hovering above the ground at Covent Garden is an example of one of the most outstanding optical illusions of our time.

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Themed hotel in London, stylized as the legendary Hogwarts

The dream of most fans of the “Potter” is to visit Hogwarts, the Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The fantasies of Joan Rowling were brought to life by the designers of The Georgian House hotel in London. From now on, everyone can live in a fabulous atmosphere.

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Mysterious glands on the streets of London: what are they for?

Once in London and looking around, you begin to notice certain oddities. Literally everywhere on the central (and not only on the central) streets of the British capital some mysterious pieces of iron are attached. Have you already guessed why they are needed?

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The Streets of Old London: Documentary Photographs by British Street Photographer Colin O’Brien

Photography is an amazing thing that allows you to plunge into the moment of the past, even after many years. Thanks to the efforts of master Colin O’Brien, we have a real chance to see what London was like in the last century, at the moments of its most rapid growth and development.

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