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The advantages of buying property in Mallorca

In order to list all the reasons for buying a house in Mallorca, we can spend a lot of time describing the advantages of this Mediterranean island. We will try to reduce this discussion and address the main reasons for the purchase. If you just want to check some options you can visit this website

  1. Weather. One of the determining factors of our health and well-being is the weather. Mallorca has a mild Mediterranean climate, which gives a hot and dry summer (with an average temperature of 25 degrees) and a mild winter with an average temperature of 14 degrees. Usually, these temperature changes do not vary greatly from year to year, one can even say that these climatic conditions are constant and do not present any surprises. In winter, we really need sunny days to maintain a positive attitude and health, so we believe that the weather is one of the main reasons for buying a living space in Mallorca.
  2. Availability. There are a lot of flights to Mallorca. Especially in the “hot season” (in the summer, in the winter for holidays and for Easter week). Together with foreign citizens, the Spaniards themselves also, with pleasure, visit Mallorca themselves. In the past 2013, the airport of Mallorca Son Sant Joan closed the year with a total of 22,768,082 passengers.
  3. The coast. The contrasting landscape of the coast plays in such a way that of all the Balearic Islands, this one is unique. Over 550 km of beach, you can find from steep coastal cliffs to kilometer-long beaches. Mostly rocky part of the coast is located in the north of the island, where practically there are no buildings. In the southern part of the island you can also find many places untouched by civilization, long beach lines and crystal clear sea.
  4. Another reason to buy real estate in Mallorca is relief. The contrast of the landscape comes into play again. On the one hand, La Serra de Tramuntana is famous for its rocky bays and coastal cliffs; La Serra de Llavant, on the other hand, has a non-impressive height but rich vegetation. The relief of the island allows you to enjoy stunning hiking routes, as well as for climbing. Such diversity poses one more question before you buy a house: what to choose, the beach or the mountains? You can find some really nice options here
  5. National treasure. The location of the island in the Mediterranean provoked the birth and development of a rich national heritage. You can found there a lot of historical places from the remains of talayot ​​culture of 1300 BC to the remains of ancient Greek theaters in ancient cities. In the capital of this autonomous region of Palma de Mallorca, you can also find and stroll along the stunning tourist routes.
  6. Parks and gardens. In Mallorca there are many areas designed for hiking and for enjoying the amazing nature. For example, parks Albufera de Alcudia or Parque Natural de Ses Salines. There are also walking paths in a lively urban area.
  7. Gastronomy. La sobrasada (major sausage), la encaimada (sweet pastry), les sopes (soups and stews), els rubiols (sweet cakes) … Mallorca will surprise you with its variety of traditional dishes. In addition to the rich variety, everything is prepared with local, grown in Mallorca products.
  8. Calm and activity. In Mallorca, you will find not only contrasting landscapes, but also a variety of active and not so much activity. You can spend time dedicating it to both active events and more relaxed pastime. According to your desires and opportunities, you can always choose between a relaxing and energetic day.
  9. Craft. Mallorca has a very rich craft history. Some products have become authentic symbols of the island. For example, traditional fabric, baskets or no less important and interesting shoes made in Mallorca.
  10. Water sports. In Mallorca, you can try almost all existing water sports. For example, sailing, surfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, diving, fishing, water skiing and much more. Perhaps this is one of the best ways to keep your body in shape.

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