Indicators for divorce in recent times have grown very much. Every year they are recorded by international organizations that allows us to track statistics and make certain conclusions. A significant role in the increased percentage of divorces is played by the attitude towards the institution of marriage, which has undergone quite significant changes over the past decades.

The divorce reason remains relatively unchanged, among them several of the most common are incompatibility, infidelity, alcoholism, drug addiction, physical and mental violence. Although the number of reasons has recently increased. In this article, you can find some statistics on different countries of the world and delve into the causes of divorces in some countries.

First place in terms of divorce is the small European countryLuxembourg.

86% of marriages here end in divorce, even though the law establishes certain restrictions on who can file for divorce.

Next comes some European countries that, even despite the high religiosity of the population, cannot get rid of a high divorce rate. Here we can mention Spain, where 65% of marriages end in divorce. This country is considered very religious, but due to the financial crisis, divorce rate is very high there, even though the Spaniards are Catholics and their religion does not endorse divorces.

France should also be mentioned here, especially its capital, Paris, where this indicator is the highest in the country. Despite all the romance in the eyes of lovers who regularly visit this country, the divorce rate here is 55%.

Next comes Russia with 51% of divorces.

The statistics claims that in the first 5 years after marriage, 33% ends in divorce, then this percentage gradually decreases.

USA with 46% of divorces goes further on the list.

Here it is necessary to divide all divorces into divorces by fault and without fault. A divorce due to fault means that one of the spouses made a certain mistake, as a result of which, the second spouse decided to dissolve the marriage. The most prominent examples include infidelity, alcoholism, and physical or psychological violence. Divorce without guilt suggests that after marriage, the couple realized that they were not suitable for each other and decided to divorce. If you have some questions regarding the divorce please refer the link

Rather low divorce rate in countries such as Australia and Canada. Here this indicator is 38%.

In Canada, you can only dissolve for three reasons:

  • spouses don’t live together for more than a year;
  • infidelity;
  • unforgivable cruelty to the spouse.

After talking about those, it will be an issue to forget about those where this percentage is the lowest.

The undisputed leader is India.

The fact is that the locals are guided by religion, which says that a person chooses one pair for his whole life. As is known, a large number of marriages here are contractual, but the percentage of divorces among contractual marriages is lower than among marriages for love. In addition, in India, a woman takes on all the costs of a fairly expensive and lengthy process of divorce.

Following India are countries like Chile and Colombia.

In Chile, divorce was legalized only in 2005, although the concept of divorce without guilt is still not legal. Both partners have to provide clear reasons for deciding to divorce. Only 3% of couples are divorced here. In Colombia, this figure is slightly higher and is 9%. It is believed that couples in Colombia strongly enough hold on to marriage and try to save it by all means if there is even the slightest opportunity.

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