One of the most unexpected, most unconventional art projects has recently unfolded on the streets of the British capital. More precisely, on one of the streets, which the creative team of the Fold7 agency turned from ordinary Brick Lane into … an 8-bit 8-bit lane. With this project, they once again proved that advertising has long been not so much a “trade engine” as an impressive performance worthy of attention.

The Fold7 team is promoting the new Wreck-It Ralph cartoon, and street-style video-game design, popular in the 80s of the last century, is one of the components of this non-standard advertising campaign. So, walking in the eastern part of London, people may suddenly find themselves in the world of Super Mario, Bomberman and Pakman, as well as other characters in ancient arcades with which children of the 80s flirted with. On every corner of the newly created 8-bit lane there are creatures made of pixel bricks, and even the signs in the windows look like they were pulled out of a computer.

A whole team of authors worked on the wonderful transformation of Brick Lane. So, in the Aden Hynes Scupture studio, “eight-bit” sculptures, advertising banners and graffiti were created – the work of local artists, and the famous company Blippar released a special application that allows smartphone owners to play a vintage 8-bit game using one of the game interface advertising banners.

Such a large-scale and large-scale advertising campaign is due to the fact that the premiere of the cartoon Wreck-It Ralph in the Russian translation, known as “Ralph”, took place in the UK late, and was released only in the top ten. February days. The cartoon became famous for being created on the basis of eight-bit games of the 80-90s of the last century. More information about the project is on the website of 8-bit street 8 Bit Lane.