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The Streets of Old London: Documentary Photographs by British Street Photographer Colin O’Brien

Photography is an amazing thing that allows you to plunge into the moment of the past, even after many years. Thanks to the efforts of master Colin O’Brien, we have a real chance to see what London was like in the last century, at the moments of its most rapid growth and development.

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In the UK, earned a solar railway

The British authorities said that the other day they opened a solar power station, from which the railway works. In the future, electric trains will run along this route, and now about a hundred solar panels supply renewable energy to sections of the road near the city of Aldershot.

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How not to lose money at online casino

On the Internet you can find a huge number of miraculous strategies that promise to help you make a lot of money playing online casinos. But few say that it is really possible to lose your own money here and not win it back anymore. This leads to the fact that many people are ready not only to spend all their personal money for the sake of a ghostly chance of success, but also take loans, get into debt, only in order to have a better chance of success. This is far from the most pleasant situation, so in this article we decided to highlight a slightly different side of the issue. Here we will talk about what you need to do in order not to lose a large amount of your money when playing in a casino. Try to remember all these tips that you will see below, even if they will seem banal to you in many ways.

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Distinctive features of a good outdoor sign

Signs can be informative and advertising. More often they are located above the entrance to the office or salon. For optimal visibility from the side of pedestrian and traffic flows, signboards are installed on the visors of buildings. From the “big” letters ranging in size from 1 to 5 meters stack signs on the roofs. A store with such a sign is visible from afar. Bulk letters are illuminated from the inside, outside by the contour holder. Good signs on the street withstand high wind loads.

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What properties does CBD Oil have?

CBD oil is a world famous superfood, a star of various magazines and programs about healthy lifestyle, a product that is rapidly gaining fans and popularity all over the world.

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Arun Harinath: Hampshire sign Surrey left-hander on loan as injury cover

Hampshire have signed Surrey batsman Arun Harinath on loan for the rest of the season to provide cover following an injury to opener Joe Weatherley.

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Buckingham Palace exhibition: Teeth of Victoria’s children go on display

A casket containing the baby teeth of Queen Victoria’s children and casts of their limbs will go on show in the summer exhibition at Buckingham Palace.

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Grenfell: Government changes controversial cladding advice

The government has changed the wording of technical advice blamed for playing a part in the Grenfell Tower fire.

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Electric scooter rider in Battersea lorry crash

A woman riding an electric scooter has been killed in a crash with a lorry in south London.

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Big Ben: London’s iconic landmark turns 160 years old

The Great Bell forms part of the Great Clock in the Elizabeth Tower – commonly known as Big Ben.

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