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England Lions: Somerset’s Lewis Gregory captains injury-hit side against Australia A

Somerset all-rounder Lewis Gregory has been chosen to lead England Lions in the four-day game against Australia A starting at Canterbury on 14 July.

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Tube train: Open doors caused by ‘poor training and fatigue’

Poor training and driver fatigue may have contributed to a London Underground train travelling with some of its doors wide open, a report found.

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Met Police to use the drone to catch dangerous drivers

The Met Police will use a drone in a crackdown on dangerous drivers.

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The London EDITION

The London EDITION is located in central London’s Fitzrovia district, with Oxford Street, Theatreland and Piccadilly Circus all within a 10-minute walk.

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What caused the popularity of Robloxia Kid

Anyone who is interested in video games at all knows how popular Minecraft and Fortnite are. As for Roblox, at best, the existence of such a game is known to parents whose children play it. And it seems that very few people imagine how big Roblox is now.

In September 2018, the number of monthly Fortnite players reached 78.3 million, Minecraft overcame the mark of 90 million monthly active users in October 2018. According to Craig Donato, director of business development, 80 million people play monthly at Roblox on all platforms. The success of the game is not only in a huge user base, but also in the fact that it was able to turn its players into creators – they create their own game. In 2018, players spent a total of 10 billion hours at Roblox.

Many studies suggest that through the game we learn to manage our lives, adapt to new challenges and interact with our peers.

And above all, games entertain us, right? They bring joy to the players. During the game, the world is getting better for everyone, not just for children. In traditional games there are clear rules that must be followed in order to win. In Roblox, everything is different – there are huge open worlds that you can just join.

Roblox helps players quench their thirst for technology. The company has created educational programs in which more than 48 thousand students from 22 countries participated last year. Roblox also takes part in the Hour Code training event.

Roblox faces many other challenges. For example, it needs to support cross-play between all platforms (the game is now available on Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and Android) and at the same time make it clear to its players. Children create code for their game, and we translate it into the necessary format for other platforms. In fact, the whole system is very complicated, but we deliberately hid all the difficulties from our authors. They can create a game mode and it will work on any platform – from the iPhone 4 to the Oculus Rift helmet. ”

The success of the game led to the emergence of new projects that are associated with this direction

The most popular of these is Robloxia Kid. This is a series of books that are released on the most popular series of games Roblox. The author was the father, whose son is a fan of the games of Roblox. He noticed this passion and wanted to turn it into something more useful. So let’s try to highlight a few reasons why the books of Robloxia Kid are so popular now.

  1. Fascinating literature for the child. The first reason is that with the help of books from Robloxia Kid you can interest your child and give him the joy of the usual games in an unusual format. These books are very fond of children and enjoy these stories.
  2. Easy way to get a child to read. Reading in the era of computers has become not as popular as before. But it is very important in time to make the child begin to read and develop this useful skill. If you want to make it simple, then the best option would be exactly the books from Robloxia Kid. Such literature will be a pleasant reading and will not cause negative emotions in your child. At first, you can read books with him, but very soon he will want to re-read these stories and enjoy them again and again. Thus, you can save yourself from having to force the child to read and make the process simpler and more enjoyable.
  3. A wonderful gift. We often may not know what is best to give a child to make a surprise. If you know that a child is enjoying Roblox games, then a great look at a few books from Robloxia Kid will be to make this gift. Such a partnership will always be valuable and can bring a lot of positive emotions. So if you are still in doubt, then do not do it. Books from Robloxia Kid have long found young fans in different countries of the world.

5 secrets in sports betting

Looking at how popular sports bets are becoming, it is impossible not to notice how actively this business is developing all over the world. Switching it to online mode made it possible to make bets available to many players. Most of them are doomed to lose money in this field of activity, but there are also those who were able to build a competent strategy. Not much information is known about professional players, but their quantity is gradually increasing. The reason for this, too, was the Internet, which allows the beginning player to find everything necessary to make bets their main source of income and succeed in this direction.

Fortunately to bookmakers, not all betters use the network’s capabilities, so professional players, who can regularly beat bookmakers, are still rare. In this article, we would like to convey some useful information to beginners who are just starting their way in betting and have not yet had time to achieve some impressive results.

At this stage, it is very important to get some secrets that can help to develop in the right direction and eventually become a professional

  1. Find a reliable bookmaker. The first step to be taken on the way to professional success in this direction will be the search for a reliable betting company. To do this, it is not necessary to go to the nearest office or analyze the local market for such services. All you need is to go on the Internet and try to find among the variety of modern betting platforms the very one on which it will be most convenient for you to work. An excellent option at the moment is the company PinUp betting, so you can immediately get to know it better.
  2. Select specific sports. Each professional better has several sports for which he constantly bets. Of course, there is no point in choosing those competitions about which you know absolutely nothing. The best option would be to concentrate on those sports, the rules of which are well known to you. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to dwell on any one direction, because you will be too dependent on it. The best option would be to diversify risk, and lay out your money in different sports.
  3. Decide on a budget. Before you start the game you will need to replenish your deposit. Many novice players are lost at this step, because not everyone can immediately determine the optimal amount. However, there are some specific tips that will help you to find the answer on this question very quickly and plan your budget correctly. First of all, it is very important to understand that the amount of your deposit should be as comfortable as possible and not exceed the permissible limits. This is especially true in cases where you are just starting to bet on sports and have serious chances of losing more often than making a profit. Do not bet more than you are willing to lose.
  4. Make your own plan. The key to the success of a professional better lies in having a plan. If you want your bets to bring you a stable profit, then you need to learn to follow a certain plan, which will be a guarantee of your success. The more seriously you approach this issue, the greater will be the chances of obtaining stable profits. The value of the plan is that, with its help, the better can independently manage the risks and approach the rates as seriously as possible.
  5. Learn to treat successes and failures correctly. Every professional better periodically faces lesions. There is nothing wrong with that, because if you are guided by a plan, defeat will help you to extract the necessary experience from each such event. Attitude to victories can also be quite important, because some betters exaggerate their significance. You do not need to do this, because winning is the usual part of the game and the guarantor of what you can get from the rates of profit.

The advantages of buying property in Mallorca

In order to list all the reasons for buying a house in Mallorca, we can spend a lot of time describing the advantages of this Mediterranean island. We will try to reduce this discussion and address the main reasons for the purchase. If you just want to check some options you can visit this website

  1. Weather. One of the determining factors of our health and well-being is the weather. Mallorca has a mild Mediterranean climate, which gives a hot and dry summer (with an average temperature of 25 degrees) and a mild winter with an average temperature of 14 degrees. Usually, these temperature changes do not vary greatly from year to year, one can even say that these climatic conditions are constant and do not present any surprises. In winter, we really need sunny days to maintain a positive attitude and health, so we believe that the weather is one of the main reasons for buying a living space in Mallorca.
  2. Availability. There are a lot of flights to Mallorca. Especially in the “hot season” (in the summer, in the winter for holidays and for Easter week). Together with foreign citizens, the Spaniards themselves also, with pleasure, visit Mallorca themselves. In the past 2013, the airport of Mallorca Son Sant Joan closed the year with a total of 22,768,082 passengers.
  3. The coast. The contrasting landscape of the coast plays in such a way that of all the Balearic Islands, this one is unique. Over 550 km of beach, you can find from steep coastal cliffs to kilometer-long beaches. Mostly rocky part of the coast is located in the north of the island, where practically there are no buildings. In the southern part of the island you can also find many places untouched by civilization, long beach lines and crystal clear sea.
  4. Another reason to buy real estate in Mallorca is relief. The contrast of the landscape comes into play again. On the one hand, La Serra de Tramuntana is famous for its rocky bays and coastal cliffs; La Serra de Llavant, on the other hand, has a non-impressive height but rich vegetation. The relief of the island allows you to enjoy stunning hiking routes, as well as for climbing. Such diversity poses one more question before you buy a house: what to choose, the beach or the mountains? You can find some really nice options here
  5. National treasure. The location of the island in the Mediterranean provoked the birth and development of a rich national heritage. You can found there a lot of historical places from the remains of talayot ​​culture of 1300 BC to the remains of ancient Greek theaters in ancient cities. In the capital of this autonomous region of Palma de Mallorca, you can also find and stroll along the stunning tourist routes.
  6. Parks and gardens. In Mallorca there are many areas designed for hiking and for enjoying the amazing nature. For example, parks Albufera de Alcudia or Parque Natural de Ses Salines. There are also walking paths in a lively urban area.
  7. Gastronomy. La sobrasada (major sausage), la encaimada (sweet pastry), les sopes (soups and stews), els rubiols (sweet cakes) … Mallorca will surprise you with its variety of traditional dishes. In addition to the rich variety, everything is prepared with local, grown in Mallorca products.
  8. Calm and activity. In Mallorca, you will find not only contrasting landscapes, but also a variety of active and not so much activity. You can spend time dedicating it to both active events and more relaxed pastime. According to your desires and opportunities, you can always choose between a relaxing and energetic day.
  9. Craft. Mallorca has a very rich craft history. Some products have become authentic symbols of the island. For example, traditional fabric, baskets or no less important and interesting shoes made in Mallorca.
  10. Water sports. In Mallorca, you can try almost all existing water sports. For example, sailing, surfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, diving, fishing, water skiing and much more. Perhaps this is one of the best ways to keep your body in shape.

IT outsourcing vs insourcing: what to choose?

There are times when a business faces the need to rapidly delegate a new task to professionals in order to cope with the workload or optimize the efficiency of the operations. There are two major ways of doing so: by enlisting internal (insourcing) or external (outsourcing) expertise. Today we compare IT outsourcing vs insourcing and what works best for your business.

Insourcing — delegating a new task to appropriate specialists form another department of the company. For example, when a company with a call center launches a new product, it is only logical to retrain the customer support reps to help deal with new tasks.

Outsourcing — delegating a new task to relevant specialists OUTSIDE of the company. For example, the existing IT infrastructure runs on a dedicated server farm, but the new product must be released to the cloud — and the IT department does not have the needed expertise yet.

Global companies historically prefer insourcing and launching new internal teams to delegating the IT operations and tasks to a third party. This is justified by reasons like:

  • exercising direct control over the resource allocation
  • ensuring knowledge accumulation within the company
  • utilizing internal work practices and task management system

However, when we take a closer look at IT outsourcing cloud computing services from Managed Services Providers like it outsourcing IT Svit, you can see that these reasons are already taken care of. If you go for IT outsourcing cloud computing tasks to a reliable company, it means that:

  • your internal IT team concentrates on mission-critical services and accumulates expertise in that area
  • risk control and business continuity are secured with SLA and NDA
  • a dedicated team from IT outsourcing company will use your workflows, task management tools and reporting practices

In addition, you gain instant access to top-notch talents with tons of experience in doing projects like yours. This means fewer issues and more predictable project roadmap and schedule.

There are 2 main differences when we compare IT outsourcing vs insourcing.

Expenditure items

Establishing a new department using the insourcing approach means paying for office space and equipment, as well as recruitment and training expenses.

On the other hand, IT outsourcing company has all the needed equipment in place and their teams have polished workflows and internal communication. They can simply jump on the project and begin working at once.

Project management and control

When insourcing, you are in direct control of the project. This means you have direct control over the processes, yes — but this adds more managerial overhead to already tight schedules.

When a company is outsourcing IT projects to a Managed Services Provider, they are assigned a personal Project Manager, which acts as a point of contact to delegate the tasks to the team and report on their completion to the customer. This way you can concentrate on growing your business while keeping close control over the IT outsourcing project progress.

Final thoughts: would you choose IT outsourcing vs insourcing?

To sum it up, both IT outsourcing and insourcing are a viable way of dealing with innovative IT projects. You can either delegate the task to a reliable IT outsourcing company or follow the maxima of “want to have it done – do it yourself!”

How to find a professional sportsbook betting software

Sportsbook betting business is one of the most profitable types of business nowadays. It is distinguished by the fact that the services it provides will always be in demand. This business has been tested for years. Despite the fact that for many years it has changed significantly, the basic principles remain the same. If you are looking for a business that can make a good profit, then you should pay attention to the sportsbook betting business. With the right campaign, he can give a good profit. If you have significant finances, you can build a very serious project. And this project can become main of your projects and remain profitable for a long time.

If you decided to create a sportsbook betting business, the first question that has to be solved is to buy sports betting software. How to choose a high-quality sports data feeds provider? That’s a very difficult question. It can be resolved only by spending considerable time to search for good sports betting software companies. Now there are a lot of such companies, but not all of them are good. Your task is to choose the best sport betting software. You should understand that this choice will be fundamental, on the basis of this software will be built the work of the whole business.

How to choose a really high-quality professional sportsbook betting software?

  1. First of all, pay attention to the description of all the functions that you will need for a working with a business. Ideal software should have good solutions to all the problems that may arise in the process of running this business. If there is no solution to at least one of the key points, then this software will not work for you. By making the wrong choice, you risk to get a constant headache instead of a reliable partner.
  2. Spend time on sports betting software reviews. Nowadays, all the answers can be found on the Internet. Look for reviews of sports betting software companies, make sure you will make the right choice. Identify the leaders of this market and work only with the best.
  3. Chat with representatives of various sports betting software companies. The hallmark of a good company is a good professional staff. If you do not like communication with a company representative, then they are not recommended to buy sports betting software. It is most likely that if the first person you talked to was rude or incompetent, then other company employees may have the same qualities. Remember that you will need to communicate with these guys for a long time. Do not be lazy to choose those with whom you will be really comfortable to work in the future.
  4. Try to work with the sports betting software that this company provides. All functionality should be as logical as possible in the menu. You should be comfortable working with this software as you will have to spend a long time with it every single day. Many companies provide free trial access. Or you can find video reviews of their software. You can also ask to show sports betting software in action on a call with a company representative (for example via Skype).
  5. Analyze the prices of sports betting software. You can find completely different offers on the market. Do not rush to settle for the first thing you find. Certainly it is not necessary to buy sports betting software the price of which will be significantly lower than the prices of the other companies. Compare companies with expensive and cheap product. Compare the functionality of their software. Compare the support they provide to their customers. Make a comparison table and choose the company that best suits to you.

Get serious about choosing a sports betting software company. Make sure you won’t have to regret your choice. Only in this way you will have a chance to build a large-scale and profitable business project.

Divorce statistics in the world

Indicators for divorce in recent times have grown very much. Every year they are recorded by international organizations that allows us to track statistics and make certain conclusions. A significant role in the increased percentage of divorces is played by the attitude towards the institution of marriage, which has undergone quite significant changes over the past decades.

The divorce reason remains relatively unchanged, among them several of the most common are incompatibility, infidelity, alcoholism, drug addiction, physical and mental violence. Although the number of reasons has recently increased. In this article, you can find some statistics on different countries of the world and delve into the causes of divorces in some countries.

First place in terms of divorce is the small European countryLuxembourg.

86% of marriages here end in divorce, even though the law establishes certain restrictions on who can file for divorce.

Next comes some European countries that, even despite the high religiosity of the population, cannot get rid of a high divorce rate. Here we can mention Spain, where 65% of marriages end in divorce. This country is considered very religious, but due to the financial crisis, divorce rate is very high there, even though the Spaniards are Catholics and their religion does not endorse divorces.

France should also be mentioned here, especially its capital, Paris, where this indicator is the highest in the country. Despite all the romance in the eyes of lovers who regularly visit this country, the divorce rate here is 55%.

Next comes Russia with 51% of divorces.

The statistics claims that in the first 5 years after marriage, 33% ends in divorce, then this percentage gradually decreases.

USA with 46% of divorces goes further on the list.

Here it is necessary to divide all divorces into divorces by fault and without fault. A divorce due to fault means that one of the spouses made a certain mistake, as a result of which, the second spouse decided to dissolve the marriage. The most prominent examples include infidelity, alcoholism, and physical or psychological violence. Divorce without guilt suggests that after marriage, the couple realized that they were not suitable for each other and decided to divorce. If you have some questions regarding the divorce please refer the link

Rather low divorce rate in countries such as Australia and Canada. Here this indicator is 38%.

In Canada, you can only dissolve for three reasons:

  • spouses don’t live together for more than a year;
  • infidelity;
  • unforgivable cruelty to the spouse.

After talking about those, it will be an issue to forget about those where this percentage is the lowest.

The undisputed leader is India.

The fact is that the locals are guided by religion, which says that a person chooses one pair for his whole life. As is known, a large number of marriages here are contractual, but the percentage of divorces among contractual marriages is lower than among marriages for love. In addition, in India, a woman takes on all the costs of a fairly expensive and lengthy process of divorce.

Following India are countries like Chile and Colombia.

In Chile, divorce was legalized only in 2005, although the concept of divorce without guilt is still not legal. Both partners have to provide clear reasons for deciding to divorce. Only 3% of couples are divorced here. In Colombia, this figure is slightly higher and is 9%. It is believed that couples in Colombia strongly enough hold on to marriage and try to save it by all means if there is even the slightest opportunity.

Looking for some online divorce service? Please refer the link

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