Signs can be informative and advertising. More often they are located above the entrance to the office or salon. For optimal visibility from the side of pedestrian and traffic flows, signboards are installed on the visors of buildings. From the “big” letters ranging in size from 1 to 5 meters stack signs on the roofs. A store with such a sign is visible from afar. Bulk letters are illuminated from the inside, outside by the contour holder. Good signs on the street withstand high wind loads.

In shopping centers, appropriate signs, mounted console, perpendicular to the pedestrian path. Popular advertising signs, the manufacture of which involves the subsequent use of electricity. Such glowing signs are easy to read at night. The attractiveness of the illuminated signs is maximum when using white and decreases in the list: green, yellow, blue, orange.

Fonts and phrases – means to attract attention

Not all advertising signs come into the view. Bad signs in vain spend the money of their masters. Some of them are ignored, others are not honored to be read. Among the advertising signs, the production of which is made to order, you can find discreet and bright, noisy and business. The main thing is that in two or three seconds of eye contact, a sign should inform potential consumers and encourage them to buy. Formation of loyalty to the advertised brand is important. To do this, you can capture the attention of the audience with emotions: “Hurray! It is finished! Finally!”.

A bad advertising sign, the price of which never pays off, is an endless text canvas printed with a quaint little print. Good advertising signs that take into account visual aesthetics contain text below the image or text to the right of the image.

Bad advertising sign is vulgar. A good advertising sign contains a portion of humor, which is appropriate for snacks SNICKERS, but not acceptable for luxury cars, banks, real estate, exclusive spirits, luxury brands, as well as in politics, religion, health care.

Text and graphics are two powerful sales tools

It is known that the complete lack of illustration reduces the effectiveness of advertising signage by 27%. And the image directly related to the products is 32% more efficient than all the others. Plans, diagrams, drawings, pictures, advertising signs with photos must be present. So advertising signs for stores may contain:

  • the image of the product, next to the subject, allowing to transfer dimensions;
  • type of goods in the package;
  • sectional view, component parts;
  • thing in action;
  • “before and after” scenario (product effectiveness);
  • image “customer plus goods”;
  • schematic drawings or plans (in particular for real estate);
  • various color shades of the image;
  • detailed focus on an important element;
  • goods complete with other products (for example, in the interior).

A compact mobile phone for women can be depicted next to lipstick, emphasizing the minimum dimensions of the phone. Successful advertising signs in hairdressers – this is a photo before and after the work.

Signage and image

It is known that advertising signs for stores are their hallmark. Good signs promote a positive image. They create twenty-four-hour advertising, maintain corporate identity and often correct architectural flaws in buildings. It is believed that the quality of signage is directly related to the quality of goods and services. A good sign is adequate. What is written on it is true, and the viewer is not overloaded with information.
Registration and coordination of advertising signs by professional sign company new york involve a list of services. In this regard, for an advertising sign, the price will consist of payment for developing / adjusting the layout, prior approval in relevant instances, going to objects, measurements, photographing from various angles, and preparing technical documentation.