Argentine artist Leandro Erlich encourages people not to believe their eyes. As a demonstration of this principle, he creates optical illusions, which shows completely unthinkable things. One such work, Dalston House, was recently presented in London.

Leandro Erlich is known to connoisseurs of modern art thanks to his bold and extraordinary experiments with space and forms. It was he who made people look at the world from the bottom of the pool, and also created the front door, which looks like it is about to fall apart.

In his new work, Leandro Erlich turned to architecture. He built in London a small residential building in a typical Victorian style. The problem is that the facade of this structure does not stand perpendicular to the ground, but lies on it.

But above the ground there is a huge mirror just the size of the building mentioned above. And it is located at a noticeable angle to the horizontal surface. And therefore, everything that happens on the facade is reflected in it.

From the outside it will seem as if people are walking along the wall of the building, which, of course, is contrary to the laws of physics and common sense. This is what Leandro Erlich hints at, saying that you should not believe your own eyes.