The British authorities said that the other day they opened a solar power station, from which the railway works. In the future, electric trains will run along this route, and now about a hundred solar panels supply renewable energy to sections of the road near the city of Aldershot.

Renewable energy sources can provide 20% of the Liverpool network of Merseyrail and 15% of suburban lines in Kent, Sussex and Wessex, as well as trains in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham, London and Manchester, the engineers explained.

The city authorities said that this project was not cheap, but the developers see it as a great prospect. If everything goes according to plan, then every year new electric trains will appear in the UK.

This will not only reduce the cost of maintenance and maintenance of urban transport, but also help the environment. The UK government is committed to stopping the use of diesel on the rail network by 2040. Several British railway stations are already working on solar energy, so the project is quite promising. Other countries are also not far behind the UK. For example, some 250 rooftop solar-powered trains are already operating in India.