British artist Alex Chinneck erected a building in central London, as if suspended in mid-air. When looking at him, the audience is speechless – it is almost impossible to understand how this design is arranged. Hovering above the ground at Covent Garden is an example of one of the most outstanding optical illusions of our time.

The Take my Lightning but Don’t steal my Thunder installation is an example of a superbly realized optical illusion. The building hung in the air is an exact copy of the old entrance to the market, built 184 years ago. The breakaway stone columns and broken walls make us believe that the building itself was freed from the annoying foundation.

Alex Chinneck is the last artist to be commissioned to create the installation on Covent Garden. Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Paul Cocksedge were previously awarded this honor. The artist spent 3 months to create the installation – and another 500 hours to paint the facade and artificially age.