Once in London and looking around, you begin to notice certain oddities. Literally everywhere on the central (and not only on the central) streets of the British capital some mysterious pieces of iron are attached. Have you already guessed why they are needed?

These mysterious glands on the streets of London are so different! This is round and round, and balls, and something like bullets.

At the same time, they are fixed literally everywhere: on stairs, on sidewalks, on curbs, on stair handrails, even on benches.

One can only guess what it is. A decor element, bugs, camouflaged camcorders, or some kind of weird social project. In fact, everything is much simpler.

And here is the answer!

Thus, the authorities of the British capital take care of their city and protect it from the ubiquitous skaters. One can only hope that the skaters themselves are aware of what troubles await them and choose completely different places for riding.