Photography is an amazing thing that allows you to plunge into the moment of the past, even after many years. Thanks to the efforts of master Colin O’Brien, we have a real chance to see what London was like in the last century, at the moments of its most rapid growth and development.

1. Near Old Kent Road

British street photographer Colin O’Brien was born in 1940 in Clarkenwell, raised in the southwestern part of the area known as Little Italy. He took his first shot when he was eight years old, capturing two Italians on an old Kodak Brownie family camera.

2. An accident in the city center

In the 1950s, O’Brien began documenting life in London and continued to do so for over 60 years. For many hours he wandered through the streets of the British capital and shot scenes from everyday life on a black and white film, making frames with an irony look.

3. The accident in Clerkenwell

“The everyday is so often ignored, but this is the most important thing in documenting the circumstances,” said the photographer.

4. Night thunderstorm

In his photographs, the poetic beauty of the moment was always preserved, regardless of how ordinary the captured scene turned out to be.

5. Loving couple