The legendary English film director Alfred Hitchcock spoke of the film industry like this: “Cinema consists of a screen and many seats that need to be filled.” It seems that it would never have occurred to the great maestro that these same chairs in the cinema might not exist, but the number of visitors will not decrease. The novelty of this season is Hot Tub Cinema, an unusual cinema in London, where viewers are offered to watch a movie while lying in a warm bath on the roof of one of the buildings in the prestigious East End area.

One of the organizers of this unusual project, Asher Charman, notes that the idea to create such a cinema came to him spontaneously when he built an “home cinema” in his garden using an ordinary white sheet and a projector, which could be watched while lying in the bathroom. Then he realized that this is the best way to relax and enjoy what is happening on the screen.

12 hot baths are installed on the roof of the skyscraper, which are never empty during the sessions. The minimum fee for watching a movie in a swimsuit is £ 22 ($ 35). The cost depends on the number of people who can accommodate in the bathroom: the minimum number of spectators is six people. Before the first frames appear on the screen, the audience drinks a glass of champagne while admiring the picturesque London sunset. While watching the movie, you don’t get bored either: the girls in bikinis are happy to dance right in the middle of the bath, the audience arrange real water fights, fun and laughter reign here.

Often, young people prefer to come here in friendly companies, but some visitors are not averse to being in the same bathroom with strangers. Such an unusual acquaintance promises to be memorable and piquant. The number of tickets for unusual movie showings is limited, there are more than enough visitors in this extraordinary cinema!