Anyone who is interested in video games at all knows how popular Minecraft and Fortnite are. As for Roblox, at best, the existence of such a game is known to parents whose children play it. And it seems that very few people imagine how big Roblox is now.

In September 2018, the number of monthly Fortnite players reached 78.3 million, Minecraft overcame the mark of 90 million monthly active users in October 2018. According to Craig Donato, director of business development, 80 million people play monthly at Roblox on all platforms. The success of the game is not only in a huge user base, but also in the fact that it was able to turn its players into creators – they create their own game. In 2018, players spent a total of 10 billion hours at Roblox.

Many studies suggest that through the game we learn to manage our lives, adapt to new challenges and interact with our peers.

And above all, games entertain us, right? They bring joy to the players. During the game, the world is getting better for everyone, not just for children. In traditional games there are clear rules that must be followed in order to win. In Roblox, everything is different – there are huge open worlds that you can just join.

Roblox helps players quench their thirst for technology. The company has created educational programs in which more than 48 thousand students from 22 countries participated last year. Roblox also takes part in the Hour Code training event.

Roblox faces many other challenges. For example, it needs to support cross-play between all platforms (the game is now available on Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and Android) and at the same time make it clear to its players. Children create code for their game, and we translate it into the necessary format for other platforms. In fact, the whole system is very complicated, but we deliberately hid all the difficulties from our authors. They can create a game mode and it will work on any platform – from the iPhone 4 to the Oculus Rift helmet. ”

The success of the game led to the emergence of new projects that are associated with this direction

The most popular of these is Robloxia Kid. This is a series of books that are released on the most popular series of games Roblox. The author was the father, whose son is a fan of the games of Roblox. He noticed this passion and wanted to turn it into something more useful. So let’s try to highlight a few reasons why the books of Robloxia Kid are so popular now.

  1. Fascinating literature for the child. The first reason is that with the help of books from Robloxia Kid you can interest your child and give him the joy of the usual games in an unusual format. These books are very fond of children and enjoy these stories.
  2. Easy way to get a child to read. Reading in the era of computers has become not as popular as before. But it is very important in time to make the child begin to read and develop this useful skill. If you want to make it simple, then the best option would be exactly the books from Robloxia Kid. Such literature will be a pleasant reading and will not cause negative emotions in your child. At first, you can read books with him, but very soon he will want to re-read these stories and enjoy them again and again. Thus, you can save yourself from having to force the child to read and make the process simpler and more enjoyable.
  3. A wonderful gift. We often may not know what is best to give a child to make a surprise. If you know that a child is enjoying Roblox games, then a great look at a few books from Robloxia Kid will be to make this gift. Such a partnership will always be valuable and can bring a lot of positive emotions. So if you are still in doubt, then do not do it. Books from Robloxia Kid have long found young fans in different countries of the world.